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"I am a freelance musician in the Boston area, focused on pre-1800 repertory (opera, oratorio, ensemble) and performance practice. Rachel and I have collaborated in performances for more than five years, including the Five College Opera and the University of Massachusetts Chamber Choir. I am excited to work with Rachel on upcoming collaborations at The White Mountain School. Rachel's inherent musicality across several genres is remarkable; not only is her Classical pedigree of the finest caliber, but she infuses this fundamental musical prowess with a passion and flair for non-traditional performance styles including a thorough understanding of jazz, musical theatre, and popular styles. This versatility, coupled with her ceaseless dedication to education, makes her a singularly unique instructor of music, as she is capable of transferring her mastery and enthusiasm for performance to her students in a manner that inspires learners of all ages."

- Shannon Rose McAuliffe, Bachelor of Music, Music History and Voice, University of Massachusetts. Master of Music, Historical Performance, Boston University. Doctor of Musical Arts candidate, Boston University. Co-founder and Artistic Director, Terpsichore Boston.

“Rachel is an amazing voice teacher! I took voice lessons from her and she taught me a variety of techniques and so much about my speaking and singing voice. She also helped me to prepare for a musical audition, which tremendously helped me. I would seriously recommend Rachel to anybody looking for voice lessons!”

- Maggie Anderson, St Johnsbury Academy ‘21


"Rachel Norton is one of the most talented teachers I've ever met. While earning our Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, she continually impressed me with her stage presence and musicality. She is not only a talented soprano, but an exceptionally effective voice teacher. What sets Rachel apart from other vocal teachers is her welcoming, inspiring, and enthusiastic demeanor. I have seen countless times how this positive approach can open up even the most timid of students. She adjusts her methods to the individual, teaching beginners to advanced singers. I confidently recommend studying voice with Rachel Norton; you'll have fun, while making large strides towards your musical goals."

- Emily Geller, mezzo-soprano/voice teacher, BM New England Conservatory of Music, MM Binghamton University


"Rachel Norton has been my teacher for three years at The White Mountain School where she has given me private voice lessons, and conducted our a cappella group, where I am the Teacher's Assistant. Rachel has helped me train and hone my voice in ways that I had not considered, giving me individual attention and teaching me to harmonize in groups. She has trained me classically, making sure that I understood the nuances of vowel modification, dynamics, diction, as well as encouraged me to express my individuality. Over the time that I have known and learned from Rachel, I have become an all-around better singer with a more diverse skill set, and the confidence to teach groups what I have learned. I am sure that the experience we have shared will stick with me for the rest of my singing career as my foundation."

- Rachael Moss, soprano, BA University of New Hampshire, White Mountain School ‘14

"Because of Rachel's humor, friendliness, and contagious enthusiasm, her students want to participate in whatever activity she organizes.”
- Kate Renner, Former Art Department Chair at The White Mountain School, Private Cello Teacher, Adjunct Professor Northern Vermont University - Lyndon

"Rachel and I attended New England Conservatory together for our undergraduate studies. During that time, we sang together in several recitals, in choir, and in a few operas as well. As a performer, Rachel is clearly gifted; the timbre of her voice is rich and beautiful, and she possesses the natural ability to really express herself through song. What is even more impressive about Rachel is her talent for teaching. Her students are always improving, and achieving their own individual, musical goals. Furthermore, Rachel truly inspired me to become a voice teacher myself. Whenever I am working with one of my students, and I need a second opinion, Rachel is the first person who I turn to. I would recommend Rachel as a voice teacher to anyone - regardless of prior experience, age, or ability."

- Matthew Condon, tenor/voice teacher, BM New England Conservatory of Music

“Rachel is undoubtedly an exemplary vocal teacher, blending a variety of vocal pedagogy techniques to present a polished, welcoming lesson. Upon each lesson, Rachel brings an overwhelming sense of positivity and optimism that fosters a truly wonderful learning environment.

In my experience with Rachel, she helped me relax and calm my nerves enough to help push what I thought were my limitations and boundaries. Without her wisdom and guidance, I surely wouldn’t be the vocalist I am today. Lessons with Rachel can be flexible in order to serve the individual student’s learning objectives and preferences. She knows how to perfectly balance laughter with singing and you will be sure to leave a lesson feeling accomplished and delighted, but most of all, excited for the next lesson.

Not only is Rachel a truly fabulous instructor, but she has a beautiful, crystalline soprano voice which boasts an equally impeccable resume.”

- Noah Yeaw, Baritone, Stage Manager for the Upstage Players